One day, I saw someone handing out these small photographic cards with their contact info on the other side. They were photos that this person had taken and I thought it was a great idea to meld photography, or life imagery, with a personal identity system. I was hooked. I had to make some too! Enter . allows you take photos from flickr or bebo and make cool business cards out of them. These can be from pictures you have uploaded into your own account, or they can be semi-randomly selected from the gazillion photos on either service.
I took some of my own favorite shots and uploaded them into flickr. Then I went to and they have a great interface for selecting which pictures you want, cropping them, setting up the text on back, and the ordering them.
For one batch, the result wasn’t that great; they sometimes don’t print so well. However, my second batch came back really cool and you can see them in the picture above. The second batch was a personal business card and I just ordered another batch of business cards, with candid photos from all the startups I work with on the back.
I love the way they make printing these cards so easy. It’s also an interesting way of expressing yourself (or your business) through the use of photography, a lens into the world through your own eyes. Something to share, something to tell your own story with.
I can’t stop ordering these cards!