Monthly Archives: September 2005

20 Year Plan Almost Done!

I’ve been really excited these last few weeks. Finally, I feel like my 20 year plan was coming together.
My coach has been really helpful in putting this together in the right way.
Previously, my 20 year plan was a list of things I wanted to accomplish. I would list all these things I wanted to do, like Aikido, work accomplishments, school degrees, etc. But then, the accelerated pace of the Internet screwed up my last plan. My 20 year plan became a 4 year plan and I was left with no plan going forward.
In figuring out my new 20 year plan, I began the old way in listing all these things I wanted to do. Things like triathlon goals, learning piano goals, among other things. But they all looked like just that: a list of a bunch of things to do. I needed some more fine tuning.
My coach helped me transform that list to something more meaningful. Instead of a list of things to do, it became more about what kind of person I wanted to end up being sometime in the future. We went through several categories relevant to that future “me”: Money, Body, Work, Family, Contribution, Spirituality, Community. In each category, we looked its relation to future self and generated answers.
In doing so, we were able to create a better context in which I could evaluate that list of things to do, and whether it was contributing to future “me” or not. And if it was not, was it really worth doing given that our time is so precious?
I’m all about not wasting time. We only have so many hours in the day. The more I can determine whether some activity contributes to an overall future “me”, the more I can fine tune what I should be spending time on.
And then I can evaluate how it contributes to the future “me”, and hopefully do those activities which maximize the contribution.
Very interesting stuff, and I am glad that I feel like my new 20 year plan is coming to fruition….