Ripping magazines and newspapers on the plane…

OK so this girl with a Stanford sweatshirt sitting next to me is looking at me funny. Every few seconds I emit a loud “RRRRRIIIIPPPPP” as I tear another picture from a magazine or the New York Times I bought.
Very frustrating. Who can rip a straight line anyways?
Very interesting to do this exercise. I start by finding some pictures that appeal to me, and it quickly evolves to pictures I don’t like too. After all, I think it’s just as valuable talking about stuff I hate as well as stuff I like…. Next, I start tearing out whole articles too. More stuff to talk about.
When I get home, I must figure out how to bring copies of all the B/W photos I bought for my LA apartment. Asking an amateur photographer to bring pictures and images could devolve into a deluge of images from all over. We’ll see how it turns out….