Monthly Archives: December 2005

Writing Holiday Cards

It was really tough this year writing Christmas cards. I got really busy
as Christmas approached (who doesn’t?) and I was hard pressed to find time
to write cards.

But still, I did it. I resisted reading, shopping, sleeping – and managed
to get all my cards done. I almost ditched the effort. I almost gave in
to despair and blew it off.

I’m glad I didn’t.

I got a few Christmas cards this year. Most had pictures of family and
their kids, or just their kids. It’s great to see how the kids have grown.
Inside, I found well wishes for good holiday cheer and a happy new year.

I think it’s great that people find the time to send cards. It shows that
they are thinking of you during the holiday season, a time when you’re
supposed to think of others.

However, ever since last year, I have taken a slightly different approach
to sending holiday cards than the sending of cards with only the holiday
wish in it. I chose to personalize each card with a special message to
that person or family based on my relationship to them this last year.

If you try this, you’ll find your mailing list will lessen considerably as
mine did. Over these last two years, I’ve only managed to really keep in
touch with a small close group of people. And I’m really thankful that I
was able to do so, given all my personal upheavals, my travels, and my busy

And so to thank them, I have written a special, personalized message to
them in each card and have found the time to do so. I thank them for our
relationship and our continued friendship.

Unfortunately, this method does leave out a whole bunch of people, like
extended family whom I unfortunately don’t keep in close touch with. And
there are other friends whom I haven’t seen in a long while and they won’t
get a card from me either.

Perhaps it is good to send a mass mailing to everyone, in that people whom
you wouldn’t normally keep in touch with would also get to hear what you’re
up to.

But I chose to use my limited time to send a personalized message to those
who took the time over this last year to interact with me. Somehow I just
felt that this would be better and more full of value and care than if I
sent out a generically messaged card to everyone in my rolodex…?