…the price I paid last week to fill my Honda CRV with 12 gallons of gas in LA, at about $3.49/gallon.
Unbelievable, to fill up at nearly $50. And my Honda CRV is relatively sedate with respect to MPG. I shudder to think about other peoples’ SUVs and the gas guzzlin’, huge gas tankin’, monstrosoties they are.
I just bought a Toyota Prius. But sadly, I think the Prius or any hybrid, or any kind of gas consuming car isn’t going to make a dent in gas prices, or how it affects your wallet, where gas is concerned.
Think about it. The gas companies exist to make a profit. They see anything that reduces gas purchases as a threat. And their shareholders will want to see continual growth in profits. So what do they do. They raise gas prices. The same goes for our Middle Eastern friends. They live in mansions and have diamond chandeliers. They own Maseratis and Bentleys and love being unbelievably rich and the don’t want to give up any of the benefits. Seeing that all go away isn’t in the plan – they too will raise prices in a vain effort to maintain their standard of living.
So despite the fact that I may actually use less gas with my Prius, I’ll still end up paying the same, if not more, over an equivalent amount of miles or time.
It’s a vicious money and wealth driven cycle.
The only way we’re going to get out of this is to really build up alternative energy sources. And when the oil cartels and companies raise prices, it will only hasten their demise. High prices drive up dissatisfaction; entrepreneurs see the opportunities; they ramp up their development whereas previously there was less motivation when gas prices were lower.
It’s sort of like running in quicksand; the faster and more you move, the faster you die.
I am looking forward to driving my fusion-solar powered car soon.