Amazing Fabrics: Disaster Averted!

Today, I am sitting in a diner with a buddy of mine and we order orange juice and coffee to start.
I reach for my orange juice and somehow it slips out of my hand. Bang! It hits the table and tips over, spilling OJ all over the table and…splattering it all over my lap!
Gadzooks! I have an important meeting coming up in about an hour! Could I run home, change, and get out to the meeting on time?
But as I ponder all this in all of .35 seconds, I look down and notice that the OJ on my lap is beading up and not soaking in. I am already standing up (my kung-fu like reaction time causing me to stand up upon seeing the splashing OJ approaching me) so thankfully the bulk of the dripping OJ has been avoided. Unfortunately, there is still enough of it on me to be extremely embarassing!
Like I said, I notice that it’s beading up and not soaking in. I grab some napkins and wipe it off. Unbelievable. It hasn’t even soaked into the fabric and is sitting on top of it. The napkin just wipes off the fluid, and my pants are relatively dry with no embarassing wet spots.
What amazing fabric is this. These dress pants are from Banana Republic. They are grey, pinstriped dress pants made of wool and….obviously something else. OJ split onto them just beads right off.
What a life saver! I make it to my meeting looking like nothing has happened.
Is it the fabric? Did my last dry cleaner spray scotch guard on them? Who knows. Whatever it is, it is amazing that fluid didn’t stick to it at all.
Fabrics that wick sweat – flop sweat, smelly sweat, nervous sweat, sweat sweat; fabrics that don’t allow dirt and stains to stick. High tech fabrics are in and I am glad to see more of this come into the marketplace.