Back to TV?

Somewhere through my Yahoo career, I stopped watching network TV. A loss of interest, a lack of time, a whole bunch of reasons. Just didn’t make it to the TV and nothing really caught my eye enough to want to watch some series over and over again.
I remember the days of Cheers and Seinfeld, and even the anime series Starblazers and Robotech. Something about these shows always drew me back, running back from school or work to watch this week’s episode. But then it stopped happening. I just wasn’t getting it with TV shows for years.
Too many years of reality TV. Gotta be the stupidest phase TV ever went through. Not enough good writing, the shows seemed uninteresting. Combine that with a 12 hour a day job and forget TV altogether.
But it took leaving that job and the advent of the video iPod to get me back into TV. Minus the ads (except that I do like SOME ads), minus the time slot. I am not burdened by needing to be at my TV at a certain time. I can watch whenever and wherever I want.
Today, I decided to check out Desperate Housewives and Lost. I download the pilots and see what this is all about. And you know what…they’re not bad… Perhaps I can stomach TV now that I have TV on my own terms.