Botox for your Sweetheart

This last weekend I was walking around Westfield Valley Fair Mall in San Jose and noticed a lot of hearts floating around. I realized that Valentine’s Day was coming up, and I completely spaced on that fact.
But one thing did catch my eye.
There was a sign in front of a store that said, “$175 Botox for your Sweetheart”. I looked up and saw that it was the NUVO Laser Skin Treatment Center.
Hmmm…I have to say that this really takes the cake.
Now I am a traditional guy. I buy roses, take women to dinner, maybe some jewelry here and there. Get a little romantic, a kiss or hug. You know, the normal stuff.
I just don’t know what would possess someone to buy their sweetheart a Botox injection for Valentine’s Day.
What exactly does that say?
“Honey, I love you but I would love you more if we smoothed out all those ugly wrinkles.”
“I love you just the way you are, well, maybe if we fixed a few things…”
“Instead of a romantic dinner, how about we go down to the laser skin parlor and get stuck with some needles?”
What is this world coming to? I think this promotion just moved up the charts in my Top Obnoxious Ads for 2005 list.