Downsizing My Life and Moving

I just bought a new place. It’s about less than half the size of my house and just what the doctor ordered.
Basically, I’ve got too much crap. And I need to get rid of as much of it as possible. I don’t know what the crap is in my garage, I never use it, and have come to the conclusion that I don’t need it to be sitting in my garage…or in the rest of my house.
This house is also just too much space for one guy. It encourages crap to pile up and I finally get fed up with it all last November and bought my new condo in Palo Alto (current house in Cupertino).
My plan is to buy all new furniture and furnish the PA condo first. Then, I will move everything I want to keep over there. Anything that is left in the old house is up for trashing or garage sale or giving away.
Thankfully, almost all of the furniture has arrived and now I can start the long process of getting all the stuff I want to keep over to it. I still may need a storage cube, but that’s ok. The cathartic process of cleaning up and throwing away stuff I don’t need is going to get rid of all the rest.
I can’t wait for the finality of downsizing my life. It takes a huge weight off my shoulders. Having so much stuff isn’t satisfying and ultimately harmful, in my view. Yes money can buy you lots of things, but in the end, having every freakin’ thing in the universe isn’t going to make you happy.