Split Brain

Yesterday I had my first jazz piano lesson since I was 4 years old. I enjoyed it thoroughly!
My jazz piano teacher is here at http://www.jazzkaya.com. I am glad I found him because he will take me down the jazz/improvisation route, versus ending up in classical where I really DID NOT want to end up.
Sure is different experience than when I was 4 years old. I had this old Russian lady who taught my sister and me, albeit my sister stuck with it for many years. I could only stomach the posture and exact proper technique for about a few months before I quit.
This piano teacher is completely the opposite. Very free form as jazz musicians will be, and very into playing however one is comfortable. More to my liking!
My first lesson sure caused my brain to split up. Interesting ambidextrous neural pathways I could feel being built and rebuilt as I played scales with both hands. Very stressful in some ways, but I really still enjoyed the uncomfortable situation a lot.
It’s a lot like triathlon training for me. Learning something completely new, and causing your body to behave in unfamiliar ways. It’s the only way to grow!