The Problem with Thin Phones Is…

I love my Motorola SLVR. I really do. Before that, I loved my RAZR. I could stick them in my pocket and it wouldn’t bulge . They are small, thin, and super-portable.
The problem is that they are SO THIN, that they:
1. slide out of a bag’s pockets so easily that I’ve lost my phone three times now like that! Luckily I’ve found it all 3 times!
2. fall between stuff in your bag and it’s hard to dig out of bag full of stuff. I’ve thought my phone lost yet again when it got hidden between some papers and books in my messenger bag.
3. have barely any surface to grasp onto, so they easily flip out of your hand if you’re not careful. I’ve dropped my phone so many times now because I’ll be manipulating it fast, and then it flies out of my hand!
Love portability, hate the downside. Wish they had some super thin chain to attach to my body so I can always find them…