Almost Lost My Mobile Phone!!!!

After lunch today, I was shocked to find that my mobile phone was NOT in my bag.
I ALMOST PANICKED! To think of all that is valuable to me in my mobile phone: my phone numbers, my iTunes music, my SIM card, and what’s really important, which is pictures of my daughter which I use as my background.
I called Cingular to put the SIM card on hold, and search all over the restaurant for it. Finally I find someone at the front desk who saw the phone. Geez. It was in lost and found! I retrieve it and then reactivate it.
I shudder to think about losing my mobile now. I have not backed it up like my Treo, which is always backed up through syncing. But then, I think about losing my Treo, which is probably even more problematic as I get my email on there. Or worse, I think about losing my laptop or getting it stolen. That would truly catastrophic.
Our lives are now increasiingly bound to the electronic world and to these small metal and plastic boxes. And they are small to be convenient and carried around, but also small enough to lose or to steal. It’s really scary.