Sharing the Madonna Concert Via Mobile Phone

On Wednesday night, I was fortunate to have seen Madonna at Madison Square Garden. The material girl pumped out yet another fantastic show with all the glitz and hallmark amazing choreography that we have come to expect and love.

This year, there were many that were not able to go among my friends for one reason or another. So I decided to “share” the concert via my mobile phone.

Now ordinariliy, there are guards who search everyone before entering the concert. They hate people who take pictures or worse, movies, and then share/sell/post them on the Internet or elsewhere. Today, it is different. Everyone has a mobile phone with a camera on it and they won’t confiscate that.

During the concert, I noticed many people taking pictures and recording movies with their cellphones, doubtless to send them to their friends like I was doing. And of course, many were able to sneak in digital cameras and 1 or 2 lone videocameras. The guards walking around the stadium didn’t seem to mind so much, or maybe they were blind.

I snapped many pictures first, and the moved onto taking 15 second movies. This was as much an experiment for me as it was the desire to share my concert experience. What did I find out:

  1. The resolution on the camera is definitely lacking. Need more megapixels!
  2. Need more zoom! 4X on my SLVR wasn’t bad, but I wanted to zoom in on Madonna and couldn’t.
  3. Movie resolution was very low as well. Sound quality really stunk, but what can you expect in a crowded venue like Madison Square Garden.
  4. Definitely you could capture the energy of the show in the movies. As you played them, the action definitely was portrayed as flashing lights and colors, barely recognizable as the images on the video screens and/or the performers.
  5. Receiving technology definitely varied. Here’s the scorecard:
    1. Sending videos to phones overseas – Nada. Didn’t get anything.
    2. Movies to other advanced media phones. Worked great.
    3. Treo 650s and 700ps – sucked big time. MMS’s errored out.
    4. Email worked great. Came through as .3gp files whatever that was. Thankfully Quicktime was able to play it.

Someday, I’ll be able to stream an entire concert to my friends via my high speed mobile phone internet connection. Now that would be cool. It can’t be far off. And the music labels, concert promoters, and artists will be furious, I’m sure.