Don’t Miss the Simple Things

Today, I walked out of Baja Fresh in Cupertino after picking up some take out fish tacos and I noticed an incredible sunset over the skies of Cupertino.
I thought to myself that it was really unusual that the sunset would be so striking, the reds fading to blues amongst the high cirrus clouds in a beautiful splash of color, instead of the usual invading fog that usually dominates the sky at dusk. I paused for a moment on the way to my car and reveled in the sight, and my heart felt lightened because of it. I was glad for it, because it had been a difficult day and now I feel a bit better.
Thoughts of another sunset also came to mind, over the skies of Taupo two weeks ago at Ironman New Zealand as I was running over the last painful hill into the Taupo proper and the finish line. It was also a grueling day, in a different way than today but also taxing to both body and spirit. I remember how the sunset also lightened my spirit despite my resolve draining away at that time.
Sunsets and other similar things – very small in nature but having potentially big effects. These things go unnoticed by us in our busy lives as our information-overloaded senses attempt to process every input in the wink of an eye.
I am reminded to slow down and enjoy the small things in life, to pause, and take in a sunset, the company of a good friend, the relaxing sip of a great red wine, or when my daughter comes running up to give me a hug with the biggest smile on her face.
Don’t miss the simple things in life.