Paris Hilton Hacked, Unlucky People

The big news this week was that Paris Hilton’s T-Mobile Sidekick got hacked and her entire address book, notes, and mobile pics got posted to the Net. If you want to see them, here is a site with her pictures (how could I not post a site with the real deal on it…? Check it out before the FBI take it down).
It did get me thinking about unlucky people and/or people who just attract trouble.
Certainly, Paris Hilton is probably one of the most luckiest people in the world: heiress to the Hilton fortune, TV star, supermodel.
But somehow, she also attracts trouble as well, like when her home porno video got posted to the Net (sorry no link here, but I would definitely try the new Yahoo! Video Search and search on ‘paris hilton’). She’s beautiful, a superstar, but yet the world enjoys making sure she gets it stuck to her as many times as possible.
What is it about people that make them so unlucky to get put in these silly situations?
I think about people around me that I’ve met through my life. Some of them seem to walk through life falling into success like magnets attracting iron. They always find the right job, win the lottery, find the perfect spouse, have the perfect life.
Others seem to have nothing but negativity follow them, and you need to take pity when you hear about their lives: lost my job, boy/girlfriend dumped me, just got into car accident, family trouble, etc. etc.
Now I don’t mean to say that lucky people don’t have negative things happen to them. I truly believe it’s the upbeat/positive attitude at which you face life that somehow generates some sort of ‘energy field’ that repels negativity. In some cases, their attitude allows them to avoid the negative situations, or creates forethought to prevent negative situations. Sometimes, negative things still happen to them, but it’s their attitude which makes it much more bearable than for those who have a personality which dwells on the negativity, or indecision makes it hard to get out of it, or the apparent lack of resources and help creates an impossible situation (I say ‘apparent’ because I believe there are always resources to be found; you just need to look…).
So I’ll stick my neck out here and say that lucky people are ‘lucky’ partly due to divine chance, but also a lot of those odds are thrown in their favor by deliberate action on their parts with a huge does of the right upbeat, positive attitude towards life.
As in gambling, you always want to play the game with the best odds. Why throw your money away on the games with the worst odds? Stack chance in your favor with skill. You can do the same with your life and become a more ‘luckier’ person.
And don’t buy a T-Mobile sidekick and take naked pictures of yourself with it.