Going Shopping in 3 Different Places

OK so I’m doing this “living in 3 places” thing and I’m discovered that in order for me to keep each place supplied, I need to shop for one of my living places in the other 2.
How strange that is, in a world where you would think that globalization has made every product available every where else, and especially in the U.S. The reality is that it ain’t true…OR…it’s just too hard to go and find.
When I’m in NYC, I was looking for aerosol contact lens solution. But the Duane Reade drug store across the street from me doesn’t carry any. Neither does any other Duane Reade that I’ve visited. Now, I’ve noticed there are other pharmacies around, like CVS and maybe some local ones. But am I going to truck around NYC looking for some damn aerosol contact lens solution? No way. I’ve become the quintessential lazy New Yorker – it’s too much effort to walk beyond a 2 block radius to go and get something.
So I go to California to buy it and throw it in my rollerboard and bring it back with me to NYC.
There is a Cingular store around the corner from my apartment in NYC and I find this cool Motorola Bluetooth Speakerphone HF800 which I desperately need for my stick shift PT Cruiser. Without something like that, I am really really risking crashing because I don’t have total control over the car while I try to talk on my mobile phone. But with this doodad, I can just talk freely. BUT….it’s too easy for me to get this thing in NYC and truck it back to California with me. In LA, I have no clue where the nearest Cingular store is. In SJ, I do, but then I gotta take some time to drive over there and get one, which I do anyways because now I love it so much that I want to leave one in LA.
It’s definitely a time thing as well. Not being in one place for long means I need to do things for that place while in my other 2 places. But I still can’t help wishing that I could just get what I need in that place so I don’t have to cart it around thousands of miles….