New Gig

These last few months I’ve been trying to work on my next big thing. So somehow, I’ve begun raising money for my very own venture fund. How funny the world works. My venture fund is called Neuron Ventures.
Getting into my next big thing, after almost 9 years at Yahoo! and after taking about a year off to figure out my life, can bring up some very interesting thoughts.
You get into a routine, and now you need to break out of that. I think about new ways to juggle training and spending time with my daughter with the demands of managing a venture fund. I think about time for reflection and being, and not being on an accelerated treadmill everyday and how to make time for myself despite having others who demand my time. I also think about the future where I don’t want to grow old without anything to do; I like the fact that there is potentially something new I can hang my hat on. I do like learning and doing something I’ve never done before, and certainly creating a venture fund is definitely an educational experience.
There is also the social aspect; I believe I’ve been really fortunate to have met some fantastic people in the venture community who have shown support and have offered help. It’s nice to know that the poor reputation of venture capitalists is not reflected in the people I’ve encountered.
I’ll give it my best shot. If it doesn’t work out, then it’s back to finding something else….