“The Modelizer”

I admit it. I’m a huge fan of Sex in the City and watched it religiously for years.
One of the earliest episodes was entitled “Models and Mortals” and poked fun at the men in NYC who are obsessed with dating only supermodels, who are in great abundance in NYC. Obsession with dating only supermodels – that statement alone says it all. One can only imagine the fantasy that these “modelizers” seek when the object of their fantasies walk in great numbers in this great city….!
Last night, I was reminded of this episode as I went to Megu, a super-hip Japanese restaurant towards the lower East Side of Manhattan, for a good friend’s birthday party.
I walk up to the counter and ask for where the party is. They tell me I’m the first one to arrive, so I go OK and prepare to walk to the bar to wait. I turn around and there is a long line of mature, wealthy-looking guys all dressed in dark suits of interesting designer cuts. On their arms were incredibly HOT supermodels! How could I tell? You could see by their Botox-enhanced pouty lips, the dripping gold accoutrements and their incredible height and ultra-thin bodies, driven to the clouds by their stiletto heels, that these were no ordinary women. They were SUPERMODELS.
I watch with ridiculous envy as they cling to their sugar daddies, whose obvious wealth attracts these women of fantasy. They prance in like when they march in on the runway, and their men raise their noses in arrogance to us normal guys – “I got the fantasy babe, you got nuthin’, loser” is the message they send and I hear it loud and clear. I step aside with my tail drooped down low in defeat and in deference to these alpha males, the pride of the pack, and let them pass.
And I wonder – the world has gotten so obsessed with externalities and how people look and are looked upon – is this where the world is going that we as a society care more about what’s on the outside than on the inside?
I also wonder about when I will go back to Megu to do more supermodel watching…