Call Me Mr. Freeze

Aaaah….an ice bath after a hard run today works wonders. But how to get into that bathtub of freezing water? Here is Dave’s patented method of successfully performing an ice bath:
1. Prepare. No, not just mentally, but get 2 bags of 7lbs. of ice from 7-Eleven, a towel, something to drink if you want, a watch or clock to time yourself. If you can, get something warm like coffee or tea. Put the ice bags on the ground next to your bathtub. Put the watch/clock, drink, and towel within reach.
2. Get into the bathtub and sit in it empty. Mistake #1: Filling up the bathtub and dumping ice cubes in it and THEN trying to get into it is near impossible. I guarantee it. Just try it. I have never done it without screaming. Try my way; it’s better. So get into the empty bathtub and sit in it.
3. Turn on the cold water. The water will slowly fill up and your body will adapt to the cold water much easier than if you were to jump into a tub full of it instead. I would recommend not moving too much; too painful with cold water sloshing onto exposed body parts!
4. Keep filling it up until it crests over your thighs. Yes your private parts will be freezing by now. Don’t worry; it’s only for about 10 minutes or so. It will still work.
5. Turn off the water. Then carefully reach over and grab one ice bag. Rip it open and dump the ice cubes into the water. Push the ice cubes around until they are all around the tub. The coldest areas will be nearest the ice cubes.
6. When the first bag of ice nearly melts away, which is about 5-7 minutes, take the second bag of ice and dump it in.
7. You can time yourself about when the water crests your thighs. SIt in there at least 10 minutes but probably not more than 15. You don’t need to prove that you’re a real man. Just enough to get the restorative effect on your abused muscles.
8. Time’s up! Get out of the tub and run to the shower and take a nice, long hot one. The hot water blasting against your body will causing a flushing effect to remove the iced toxins and exercise by-products away from your muscles. Great job!
Now that I’m peaking for Ironman Brazil, it’s critical that I recover fast enough to get to the next workout. So I plan on using ice baths after both long run and long bike. Believe me it works great. Enjoy!