Omega 6 : Omega 3 Ratio Update: Back to 1:1!

In my last O6:O3 update, I noted that my eating pattern and aggressive supplementation had driven my O6:O3 ratio to 0.7 to 1, resulting in diarrhea and some more stomach upset than normal.
The next 4 months after my last test results, I retained my eating pattern but stopped O3 supplementation almost entirely. I only supplemented when I ate out (5g of O3 at any meal that I ate out), and I would take 2.5g whenever I ate my new favorite snack: organic macadamia nuts, which unfortunately have a high component of O6 in them despite being good for you on many levels.
As the 4 months progressed, I noticed that my stomach distress went away. I did notice that over time, my nose did get a bit more stuffy, whereas before this time I had very little episodes of stuffiness. In previous updates, I noted that I was amazed that my seasonal allergies had literally disappeared during my transition to a <1 to 1 O6 to O3 ratio. However, I find it may not be related to this transition of O6:O3 ratio as global warming has gotten more severe and could throwing more dust and pollen into the air, and I've been riding my kids to school on my cargo bike and spending more time outside huffing and puffing. Still the allergies have not been debilitating as in previous years before manipulating my O6:O3 ratio. At the end of the 4 months, I tested my O6:O3 ratio again and got 1:1! How interesting that nearly no O3 supplementation, minimizing O6 intake (ie. steaming vegetables, using only organic grass fed/finished beef tallow for cooking oil), and eating only grass fed/finished beef and wild caught fish has resulted in a ratio of 1:1. I intend to hold my eating and very light supplementation pattern for another 4 months to see if this ratio changes. It was also interesting to note that despite having the same pattern over the previous two cycles, I measured 0.9 to 1 and then 0.7 to 1 four months after. This suggests that potentially the body is still undergoing a transition in ratio, and that maybe 4 months, the estimated time to turn over all the blood cells in a human body, is not accurate in my case and I could be still turning over past that time.