Back in Action!

This week, which is now into the fifth week post Ironman Austria, I feel finally back and fully recovered. I can definitely feel my endurance lacking somewhat, but generally I feel pretty good. I am glad to see the adaptation occuring from last year. I would be really bummed if my body didn’t recover faster than last year.
It’s amazing thing to see this process change me year over year. I think it was a good thing to have the long view on this.
When I signed up my coach, I told myself I would keep at this for 5 years before evaluating it. Now, I am into my 2nd year with my coach and racing Ironman and think the positivity I am feeling is tremendous.
I have definitely seen others who wanted results too quickly, or are impatient to get to some level of fitness and ability and it doesn’t happen quick enough so they quit. It is really a shame. Patience and getting to know one’s body are key concepts in getting better at racing.
Onwards to the Waikiki Rough Water Swim, the Long Beach Half Marathon, and the NYC Marathon to close out the year. I’m already planning next year!