Floyd Landis at M2 Revolution 3-30-07

My coach, M2, just opened a new facility in San Francisco called M2 Revolution Cycling and Motion Studio at the corner of Bush and Van Ness. For his grand opening celebration, he got Floyd Landis to come and ride with us during a workout.

They put Floyd’s watts up on a video screen at the front of the room. Man, that guy is STRONG. We were officially dusted by his 520 peak watts, which was well over twice the power output I was putting out in the same interval. Makes me want to keep going up Old La Honda until my legs are as big as my waist!

If you live in SF, you should visit the M2 Revolution facility. It has CycleOps trainers which give you power output, treadmills, and also Vasa trainers for dryland swim training. Parking is on the next block over so very convenient. If you visit M2’s classes, you’ll get a taste for the interval training he puts all of us through. Very tough and very worthwhile. Much better than your average spin class.