Giving up on Amphipod

I started using Amphipod bottles and belt on the recommendation of a friend. They do seem to have some advantages over FuelBelts: wider mouths on the bottles, belts seem to fit better.
BUT THE ONE THING THAT REALLY SUCKS is that the bottles don’t consistently clip in. Sometimes they go in quick, and sometimes I have to stop running and fiddle with it to get it to clip in. And sometimes, I can’t get the bottle to clip in at all and I just end up running with it for a while and try again later.
This is really bad. I could not imagine the frustration I would feel if a bottle didn’t clip in during a race, let alone a long training run.
Sorry Amphipod. I’m going back to Fuelbelt. No way am I risking a race on bottles that don’t consistently clip back into the belt.