IM Brazil: The Day After

Waking up the morning after Ironman is always a sore affair. You think you’re ok until you swing your legs off the bed and take a step. Ugh! But what can you do. At least this time, it’s a bit less sore than last time. That’s the good thing about doing multiple Ironmans; every time you race, you get a little more adapted to the stresses of Ironman until it doesn’t really feel like much at all anymore. That’s the goal.
I hit breakfast and then head over to the special awards lunch.

Great food again, some more chicken and pasta, and then watch the pros get their awards. Also, I pick up my race pictures and certificate.
Definitely I am less sore than last year at Austria. I did not wipe out as bad as last year’s race, so I would expect to be a bit less sore this morning after. I took some 8 hour Tylenol and Emergen-C to ward off getting sick. In my chest, I do not feel as bad as last year. Most of the race I was very aerobic and did not reach threshold at all. I believe this is why I am not feeling it in my chest like I did the last 2 Ironmans. I hope it means I will recover faster this year.