IM FL 2008: Got My Bike, My Lance Armstrong Moment

At 1pm I went over to get my bike from TriBike Transport. It was a slow moving line:

TriBike Transort was very impressive. It’s such a great operation to help with transporting bikes and your extra bags of stuff to races all around the US. I picked up my bike and wheel bag and got a free cap to boot!
Rushing back to my condo, I threw on my Ironman Florida kit and got ready to go ride the run course with Ken Glah and some others:

I put on my brand new spankin’ ZIPP Disc with Powertap installed. I was eager to try it out and also ride with my disc and make sure everything was working properly.
Once I got out into the parking lot, I saw my watts readings jumping into the 200-300s at only 10 MPH. I kind of felt fresh and thought maybe I was putting out more power due to the fact that I was tapering and conserving energy. I rode with the group out on the run course and saw my watts jumping to 300-500 watts now! Wow! I can’t believe I was putting out that much watts. We rode around for a while and I sprinted a few times, putting out an amazing peak of 993 watts! Wow! I am doing some serious Lance Armstrong riding now. In fact, I could be easily a CAT 1 racer or even make the Tour De France team! Unbelievable that my training has gotten me this far and only in a year – amazing! My wattage readings make me potentially even better than Lance!
…yeah right…
My wattage readings are IMPOSSIBLE. I was putting out 993 watts and only going about 12 MPH. I should be doing 30+ MPH! Dang. Obviously something wrong with my Powertap ZIPP Disc! Too bad I didn’t bring my Powertap download rig; I could have had a pretty funny power profile to download, showing my superman cycling power…!
I got back to my condo and called Cycleops. We tried a few things, but couldn’t get it fixed! Sucks. I also tried to call who had a booth at the expo. They have ZIPP Disc Powertaps for rent, but didn’t have any available for me. Ugh.
Two last things to try: replace the batteries and/or tighten up the axle per my coach’s last suggestion. I hope we can fix it tomorrow.
I then took a shower and we went to eat at an awesome Brazilian barbecue:

Superbly cooked meats Brazilian style. Nice ending to a day where I almost became a Lance Armstrong clone…