IM FL 2008: The Fun Never Ends…

I just went out and bought some more dishwashing liquid. Amazingly, there are no 7-11s here but there is this Camper’s Inn which is basically a 7-11 for Panama City Beach. On the walk back, on a whim, I stop into that Oriental Market.

Surprisingly, there were actual Oriental foods in there! Instant noodles, bags of rice…soy sauce! Even jade statues of buddhas and dragons! Wow. The ambiance was complete with country music playing on the speakers. Nice.
Then, while sitting here in my condo, I realize that I scheduled all of my afternoon’s conference calls ONE HOUR WRONG. UGH! Missed one call, but got him back on the phone. Moved all my others to the correct times on my calendar. This little sliver of Florida is NOT in Eastern time, but in Central time. How confusing.
One more hit to my gut: my mobile just died. The battery refuses to charge; I think it’s just too old of a battery, but unfortunately decided to die RIGHT NOW, right as I need it for my conference calls. So many electronic problems: forgot my digital camera, my Powertap hub is generating wrong wattages, and now my mobile dies. Great. It’s not been a positive electronics moment for me. Are there too many sunspots this week?