Ironman Austria Eve: 7-15-06 Logistics and Racing Ironman By Yourself

Why are race logistics always a nightmare? You’d think that the race directors would be able to cover all the details in the race booklet. Travel to and from the race area, retrieving your race equipment post-race, when/where do you turn in your race bags, picking up your bike, etc. etc.
So many details and yet it is so poorly written up. Examples:
1. At Ironman NZ, we needed reflector stickers. Why don’t they tell you that beforehand?
2. Tomorrow the race is about 3 km away from the hotel. According to the race booklet, you need to pick up your bike between 530p and midnite, and then….ride back with at least 3 bags worth of race stuff…? And…in the darkness of night? What if you want to watch your friends come in? Do you wait there and ride back even later? And in a race depleted state…!
3. At Ironman NZ, we had to turn in our bike-run bags the day before. That meant that our drink solution had to be in the bags, and got to roast a full day in the sun, as well as on race day. I was REALLY lucky that it didn’t spoil during the race. In fact, it literally spoiled about 15 minutes after I crossed the finish line when I took a final sip out of my run bottles and promptly spit it out! Supposedly here you can access your race bags the morning of the race.
I came to Ironman Austria by myself, albeit with tour group. But if you come by yourself, race logistics gets that much harder. Many have come with friends and family and at least they can help you carry your stuff home. But I have to figure this all out myself… Definitely recommend bringing one person if possible for any race.
This morning we’re off to the race briefing at 11am. We turn in our bikes and our bike-run bag later today. More later…