LA Marathon 2011: Pictures of Hell

Actually this is not red hot hell but a frozen hell. Note the wet pavement; you can’t see the rain coming down on us in the pictures. You can also see that my shirt is soaked through – that ain’t sweat unfortunately! Temps in 50s, high winds, wet race clothes, hands and feet both numb after only 3-4 miles into the race:

Me running past Grumman’s Chinese Theater and on Rodeo Drive. Note the dude with no shirt on – he must have been freezing:

After long miles battling muscle cramps, I am resigned to walking…and getting more hypothermic:

Finally the finishing chute along Ocean Ave in Santa Monica. I fight my cramps to have a run-in finish:

First, me happy to have finished! Then, me not so happy with the wind blowing my mylar blanket around and not keeping me warm at all:

Me turning off Runkeeper:

Body temperature dropping after the finish:

Teeth are chattering now, that isn’t a smile:

The lone tent under which 50+ people were huddled to escape the rain and wind:

Finally a smile after I change out of my wet clothes and put on a wool shirt and rain jacket. Teeth still chattering behind my lips worse now:

Moving as quickly (and painfully) as possible to my car, which is at least a mile or two away SUCK: