Run Like There is No Finish Line

I wore my favorite long sleeve shirt today by Nike. It’s got this incredibly cool slogan on it – “Run Like There is no Finish Line”. Wow. What a great motivator! I got this shirt last year at the NYC Marathon.
One problem though. It’s black. So I put it on because there is this huge fog bank hanging over the bay area around 7:30am. By the time I get to Rancho San Antonio at around 8am, the fog is almost all burnt off.
Boom. The temperature rises about 15 degrees and now I’m roasting….!
Hard run today. My coach has me doing long intervals at speed to get my stamina up. Here’s the workout:
20 min build from easy to steady
30 min broken into 9 min steady, 1 min easy — continuous
30 min broken into 20 min steady, 5 min mod-hard, 5 min easy
15 min broken into 5 min mod-hard, 10 min steady
15 min broken into 5 min mod-hard, 10 min steady
10 mins easy
Ugh. Major pacing problems in the rolling hills of Rancho. Especially as I get into the mod-hard intervals. The last one was grueling in the heat of the morning. Gotta get more acclimatized to running in heat. If I ever make it to Kona this year, I’ll need to be able to function at peak condition in 90 degree/90% humidity conditions….
But this was my third time doing this workout, and the second time on this path in Rancho. I have one more workout of this sequence and hopefully by then I’ll have gotten adjusted to the pacing and the built my stamina up to handle the short choppy (annoying!) hills as well as summer heat.