Swim Pro at Menlo Swim with Team Sheeper

After months of searching, I finally found a new home with Team Sheeper at Menlo Swim. I now coach Total Immersion swimming as a Swim Pro (click on Meet the Pros) at their Belle Haven pool.
What happened? I was coaching at another pool but apparently the managers there were way too lax and let me coach there against their rules. New management came in and began to enforce the real rules, and I had to leave.
Swim coaching must be one of the hardest to break into – you have a limited set of places to coach in, and they often have swim staff there already whose business they want to protect. I became a coach without a previous swim coaching staff job anywhere and found out firsthand how difficult it is to find a position as a coach.
However, I am very thankful that Tim Sheeper is taking a chance on me and offered me the position. I am looking forward to continuing TI coaching there.
If you want to sign up, go to Menlo Swim’s Mind Body Online page, click on Belle Haven, and look for times there. See you soon!