The Carb Back Loading Update 12-17-16

Here are my stats from my Omron Body Monitor on Saturday 12-17-16:

Weight 139.6 lbs
BMI 21.9
Fat 13.3%
Muscle 41.6%
RM 1516
Body Age 28
Visceral Fat 5

Given that I started out around 168 lbs and at 25% body fat early in 2016, this is an amazing result! And I’m only 5’7″ so losing nearly 30 lbs off my already small frame is still astounding, sometimes frightening to me.
Two comments and results:
1. I remember reading Muscle and Fitness magazine when I was in high school and college, and through my 20s. I would lift weights and occasionally I would try to get “ripped” like bodybuilders and go for low body fat and more definition in my muscles. Following those diets never seemed to work. I would carve the fat off all meats, and eat a lot of chicken and salad. I tried eating little to no fat, but didn’t change much with carbs or sugar. I never got “ripped” and would try and give up many times.
Now along comes some more sophistication. I combine CBL with Intermittent Fasting (IF) and am eating fat, and more than I have ever eaten in meals and now I maintain a more “ripped” look daily without any effort.
2. This whole year I’ve been taking blood tests to track a bunch of things. The most interesting change was in my cholesterol.
In January, I saw:

Total Cholesterol 342 (High)
LDL 232 (High)
HDL 61 (Good)
Triglycerides 164 (High)

I was still drinking butter in my coffee along with MCT oil which apparently for some people will raise cholesterol. I had not started CBL at this time.
Across the year, I worked at lowering cholesterol and getting my numbers into better ranges. I stopped butter in my coffee which did lower cholesterol, and tried not eating so much beef for a time which didn’t change my numbers at all.
Recently in November, I saw:

Total Cholesterol 174 (Good)
LDL 96 (Good)
HDL 68 (Good)
Triglycerides 50 (Good)

What a massive movement in all numbers and all for the better!
Granted now people have different viewpoints on cholesterol and its role in predicting disease. My functional medicine doc told me that with high HDL and good LDL particle size, I should not worry so much about cholesterol numbers being so off. But after CBL and changing my body composition to what it is today, I managed to drop all cholesterol numbers into positive ranges.
High triglycerides are associated with high visceral fat. I went from a 7 back earlier this year to a 5 (units unknown) as measured by my Omron. I think losing all that fat between my organs really made a dent in my triglyceride numbers. My current body composition definitely had a large effect on my cholesterol numbers.
Even my normal doc said that I was in his top 5 for those who were able to improve numbers via dietary interventions (Being the competitive guy I am, I replied asking how I could be #1?).
Next on deck is to slowly come off thyroid supplements and see if the improved body composition has also brought my thyroid back online properly.