2 Weeks of Intermittent Fasting

Last Sunday I ended my very short experiment on Bulletproof intermittent fasting. I weighed myself and got the numbers: weight = 155.8lb, body fat % = 21.3%. 2 weeks back when I started, I weighed 154.8 and body fat % of 21.5%. No real move at all.
My buddy QuantifiedBob pointed out that I really need 60-70% of my calories need to come from fat. That was not something I was tracking and I don’t think it was reached. I usually eat a ton of protein due to my working out and so this probably derailed the experiment in having a meaningful move in body fat %.
Oh well. It was fun to try. At least I didn’t get hungry during the times I wasn’t eating. Bulletproof Coffee with butter and MCT Oil took care of that. I shifted the fasting time from the suggested 2pm to 8pm to 12noon to 6pm. Eating lunch therefore became easier, but I rushed to finish dinner by 6pm, often ending after that. I don’t think that mattered much as some fasting guides say you can have the eating period be 8 hours long, not 6.
I also may not have done it long enough to see real results. Someday in the future, I’ll have to try this again. Also I want to try protein fasting and see if there are noticeable, positive autopagy results.