Trying Intermittent Fasting

Two days ago I decided to try Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting. I had hosed my back and couldn’t really do any workouts as I recovered so my eating requirements are more flexible – perfect time to try intermittent fasting!
I am trying to eat within 12noon and 6pm only, taking a BP coffee w/ butter and/or MCT oil in the morning and maybe another cup later on if necessary. So far, it’s going easier than I thought. I thought I would get hungry but not even a little bit. I’m still dialing in when to take my handful of vitamins and how much to eat and when, but it’s all kind of interesting.
I weighed myself on my Omron Body Monitor on the second morning and realized I didn’t go to the bathroom, either solid waste nor urinate. So after going, I took my measurements again. It just shows that a simple thing like going to the bathroom or not can affect your numbers.
Before going, my weight was 155.8 lb with body fat of 23.1%. But after going both passing solid waste and urinating, my body weight was 154.8 lb and body fat 21.5%. So I lost 1 lb of body weight plus dropped 1.6% of body fat instantly – whoo hoo! Still, it shows that you have to hold as many variables consistent as possible when you measure or else the results could be off. For kicks I measured myself again and got 155.0 lb and 21.9% body fat. So at least my scale was within some bounds of error and not totally off after consecutive measurements.
Gotta remember to hold the variables constant – probably weigh myself after I go to the bathroom.
More on intermittent fasting in a few weeks!