Training in Cold Sucks

Yesterday I went out in 50 degree cloudy weather to go do some climbing laps on Kings Mountain and Old La Honda. I did not anticipate the temperature drop on top of the mountain, which combined with the wind chill factor did me in.

Clearly I did not dress correctly. My exposed finger gloves and half covers for my shoes weren’t enough to prevent near frostbite on them as I zoomed down Kings after my first climb. I think the wind chill was in the high 30s and my body was starting to really shut down. I considered going to Old La Honda and doing that once but it was too much. I went for the fastest way home as I felt like my body just couldn’t give anymore and didn’t want a total shutdown out on the road.

I made it home and stood in a hot shower for many minutes to get warm.


I hate training in cold. I’m already of low body fat such that low temps are just uncomfortable. Keeping warm during cold day workouts just saps me of extra energy keeping warm. It also increases the risk of getting sick too. I remember forcing myself to go out for 6 hour rides back in late 2004 to prep for my first Ironman NZ. I got sick a few times but also during those cold rides I never felt like I never could really push hard because so much energy was used to keep warm.

Time to watch the weather better and just wimp out more and enjoy longer focused interval rides on my Computrainer.