Monthly Archives: November 2008

My Kid and I are Addicted to SPORE

SPORE on the iPhone is AWESOME. My kid and I can’t stop playing. It’s a game I really love for many reasons. First, it’s simple. You just tilt the iPhone and the amoeba-looking thing just moves in that direction. The object is to eat yummy things and avoid everything else, since they’re looking to eat YOU. Second, it’s amusing. Weird looking creatures abound in the SPORE world and your creature is as weird as you can make it. Check out our current evolving, little guy:

It may be hard to tell, but we surrounded him with mouths full of sharp teeth, these protective little stingers, eyeballs to watch for predators, armor plate, and just recently, these green electric prods. We’re not sure what the electric prods do, but we hope that they electrocute other creatures that may want to eat us.
At every level, you get to evolve by adding more offensive, defensive, and mobility type equipment. Sort of like souping up your hot rod, but only with bio-enhancements. We’re on the edge of crawling out of the primordial oceans and approaching shore through beds of prehistoric kelp.
Gaming on the iPhone is truly wonderful!