Someone paid me the best compliment yet.
After describing who we were and what we were trying to do, this person, a prominent person in the business/venture community said we were BANKABLE. That means on our abilities and our ideas alone he thought we could raise money.
I think this goes to show what a confluence of factors can bring:
1. Personal brand – Gotta have a great brand. This is built over years of success and positive relationships.
2. Great idea – Our plan of attack is new in the venture space. It hasn’t been popularized yet. So we’re the first in many eyes. And our feedback has been that they like what we’re doing.
3. Timing – the venture community is ripe for change in the way it’s doing its work. We’re approaching it differently, creatively, and uniquely. So we gain positivity for being different and unique.
We have gotten some really great responses so far. I hope we can keep this going….
The next factor to work on is to have actual deals in our pipeline. It would greatly enhance ourselves in the eyes of the venture community and really help with us getting some funding. Stay tuned.