Book Update

It’s been about a year since I really started working on this book. I engaged someone to help me write it and we’ve been meeting more or less regularly for about a year now. I think I’ve finally gotten to a point where we can form a coherent story line about the history of online advertising at Yahoo! and I’m going to batten down the hatches and go heads down in trying pull that together in March. The world around us has changed drastically and so I’m leaving the how-to section for last since I feel that it will be easier to write about factual, educational information but also because the world is changing quickly and what I want to say about adding online display advertising to a startups’ strategy may change by the time I finish.
Thanks to all the ex-Yahoos who have sat with me for hours and given me their recollections of the happenings back there. It’s always fun to reminisce and hopefully I’ll put it all down in the book in a somewhat coherent way.
Stay tuned!