Corporate DoubleSpeak is Alive and Well

Thanks to IBM, corporate doublespeak is alive and well. In fact, they are so good at all those corporate buzzword techniques that they put it all in an ad at JFK Airport:

I suppose if you want to help at getting better at whatever these buzzwords actually mean, you should hire IBM and they’ll “chain optimize” the hell out of those buzzwords into your psyche so that you’ll “process transform” your business for the better.
I once tried to learn corporate doublespeak. At one point, I thought it would make me more successful. But then I read Dilbert. And it was all over.
Corporate buzzword books plague the bookshelves and make you want to buy that book out of sheer curiosity of wanting to find out what the hell that term means. Thankfully, I’ve “re-engineered” my tendency to buy these types of books and now avoid them by at least “six sigma” distance.