Deciphering iPhone Emails

With all of my buddies on iPhones and also seeing them being way too busy and typing at lightspeed, I’ve seen a plethora of emails with what seems to be…gibberish words…in between readable text.
It took me a minute, but I figured out that it was the fact that the senders were super busy iPhone users and trying to type emails super fast, but unfortunately typing too fast to react to the iPhone’s auto-correct dictionary, or even caring what the auto-correct comes up with.
The auto-correct function is cool in some ways, but it takes some getting used to, and especially if you have big fingers, you tend to blur over to the adjacent keys more often.
To me, it’s an interesting solution to typing on tiny keys on a flat touchscreen. However, I find it’s hard to adjust to, even when I’m consciously looking for it. I hope the rumors of a foldout keyboard are true, as I think that learning this new style may not be quick enough for even the most impatient, quick typers.
But it does generate sometimes amusing emails which produce a WTF from me as I read them!