Party Like Its 1999

Every Monday, I have jazz piano lessons. Today, I went to my lessons and asked my piano teacher whether or not he was feeling the bad economy’s effects.
He said it was exactly the opposite. Over the last few weeks, he’s been overbooked on playing private parties all over LA. He’s had to turn away business and refer people to friends. It’s been almost too much to handle but he takes the work when he can get it. It’s cash in the bank and you can’t ignore that.
We talked about the fact that there was a glut of private parties happening all over LA. It seemed to him that people were partying in the middle of all this bad news, and the fact that many a rich LA person was down millions of dollars in their portfolios. So in the midst of all this gloom, they have started throwing big ass parties – we guessed it was to drown their sorrows in big happy, drunken, piano playing filled moments.
We watch our portfolios drop in big ways. We get depressed. So we throw a big party and live it up. Party like its 1999 – don’t know what happens when the clock turns to 2000. World might explode. Better drink up and have a great time now before it’s too late.