Miso Music at their Office 1-25-11

Miso Music is a new startup creating an amazing new iOS app that allows you to learn and play stringed instruments by playing your own instrument. No need to plug a cable from your guitar to the iPad – you just sit it there and it listens to you play and knows what notes you play. They won the People’s Choice Award at TechCrunch Disrupt 2010.
Here they are in their office in Santa Monica.
Nice art deco type for building number – very Hollywood!

Their front entrance:

Their front door:

Two pugs jumped on me when I walked in, now they’re bored of me and are sacked out on the couches:

A buddha guards the front door:

Chandelier and candles on their main conference table:

The dream team:

Look for their incredible app this spring for iPhone and iPad. I’m gonna buy a guitar soon!